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We believe yoga extends beyond the poses, yoga is the connection that we have with our environment, those around us, and with ourselves. The yoga we guide, the retreats we orchestrate, products we source, and life coaching programs we create are designed with the understanding that the heart, mind, and body are connected.

Our practices support a sustainable, safe, and balanced environment eventually leading to a healthier, happier, and more connected lifestyle from the heart. 

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"I love Pita's style of Yoga! Not only is she an innovative teacher (lots of interesting poses), but her style of Yoga trancends excercise to be a more complete, wholistic, spiritual experience - complete with bowls, bells, dancing.  It's pure joy!"

John Teichman




Each one of our products is handmade, locally curated, and ethically sourced. Our goods are sourced from our yoga travels around the world, designed in collaboration with local artisans and people we have connected with in hope of empowering communities. 

From essential oil blends to clothing & accessories,

we guarantee you'll find something you connect with.

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