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Yoga from the Heart is a purpose-focused organization with the goal of enhancing individual, corporate, and community wellbeing through inclusive and compassionate wellness. 


We believe yoga extends beyond the poses.

We strive to help all reach a state of connected wellbeing by utilizing holistic modalities through accessible classes, immersive retreats, individualized coaching and more. 

Our practices encourage a sustainable, safe, and balanced environment leading to a connected lifestyle from the heart.


Join us for our special Yoga Immersion Retreats around the world! 

We’ve orchestrated our retreats, traveled to share our message, and have created a community of like-minded people who honor their connection.

Join us on one of our retreats & discover how "yoga from the heart" can transform your life.

Learn more about Heart-ga Yoga Retreats and reserve your spot today.

Online Meditation

With companies losing over $250 Billion annually due to absences, sick days, and depressed employees incorporating immersive yoga and stress reduction programs at work is crucial to improving the energy and productivity of your staff.

Our offerings include: Yoga + Meditation classes,  Stress Reduction workshops, Health & Nutrition workshops, and corporate retreats.



Heart-ga offers traditional and creatively 

designed yoga classes in the Austin and San Francisco/Bay Area - in person and also around the world via zoom.


The sessions combine physical movements, breath, and mindfulness/awareness techniques to bring balance to Heart, Body, and Mind. 

Wellness Coach

Are you as joyful and healthy as you wish to be? Do you find yourself feeling anxious, stuck, or unmotivated? Being human doesn't come with a coping manual, yet things happen that can create feelings of doubt and insecurity within us. 


Our "Bloom" life coaching program is a 8-12 week program customized just for you. We don’t know all the answers, but we do know they’re inside of you. Our job is to help you find them and give you the tools necessary to allow yourself to bloom.


"I love Pita's style of Yoga! Not only is she an innovative teacher (lots of interesting poses), but her style of Yoga trancends excercise to be a more complete, wholistic, spiritual experience - complete with bowls, bells, dancing.  It's pure joy!"

John Teichman



Thanks for connecting!


Each one of our products is handmade by us or locally curated and ethically sourced from our yoga travels around the world. Our goods are designed in collaboration with local artisans or handmade with love with the goal of empowering communities. 

From essential oil blends to clothing & accessories,

we guarantee you'll find something you connect with.

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