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"Among employers offering wellness programs, more than half saw a decrease in absenteeism; 66 percent reported increased productivity."


Integrating work & life  

As an employer, you rely on your employees for success. Their health and happiness is crucial to their productivity and motivation. Research shows that In an age of monochrome cubicles, stressful deadlines, and accessibility to work from your phone at any given time, people are over worked more than ever.

With Job stress being the #1 health problem in America, companies are looking to provide their employees a work place they want to work in. Wellness activities and initiatives help bring people together, improve mental and physical wellness, and increase productivity. 

Plus, they're fun! See our our offerings below!

Stress Reduction 

Stress Reduction

A program tailored to your team or an individual designed to reduce stress through a series of one hour sessions at your convenience.

Topics & Activities on:

Yoga & Mindfulness

Health & Nutrition

Time Management 


costs: $115 per session

time: 60 minutes


Company retreats

 A perfect way to boost emotional well-being and sense of community between teams, leading to a boost in productivity and employee loyalty. 

We offer a portfolio of retreats ranging from 3 to 10 day local or international destinations.


Cost: contact us below 

Due to COVID19 all classes and offerings have gone online. 

Please click here to be directed to online current classes and offerings

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