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"Among employers offering wellness programs, more than half saw a decrease in absenteeism; 66 percent reported increased productivity."


As an employer, you rely on your employees for success. Their health and happiness are crucial to their productivity and motivation. Research shows that in an age of pandemics, stressful deadlines, and pressure to work around the clock, people are experiencing burnout more than ever.

With stress impacting up to 77% of Americans physically and mentally, as well as leading to burnout, absenteeism, and decreased productivity, companies are looking to provide their employees a work place they feel good at.


Wellness activities and initiatives help bring people together, improve mental and physical wellness, and increase job satisfaction. 

Yoga Class

Yoga &

Our corporate yoga and meditation classes are designed to bring physical and mental wellbeing to your team. With classes tailored specifically to your company and industry, your employees can experience the many benefits of yoga and meditation such as improved focus, increased energy, better sleep and improved stress levels. Let us help your team find balance and peace in their lives.

Rock Maze

Corporate retreats

Our Corporate Retreats are designed to give your team members the space and time to build relationships, refocus and recharge.

Our experienced facilitators will help guide the group through a range of activities tailored to your team’s needs.

Our retreats are beneficial, as they lead to a sense of community, belonging, and connectedness. This helps team members to work better together.

Stressed Woman

STress + burnout 

Our Stress and Burnout Program is designed to help individuals overcome the physical and emotional symptoms of stress and burnout. Through a combination of mindfulness-based coaching, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and lifestyle changes, we help individuals gain insight into their stressors and develop the skills necessary for managing stress in a healthy and sustainable way.

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