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Desert Therapy Morocco
Yoga Retreat

August 26 - September 5th, 2022


Our Sanctuaries

Home sweet Om's

Welcome to your journey to the heart of the Sahara. Three specific locations have been carefully curated to visit and stay at during our 10 day journey in Morocco. Our selections of "riads" or traditionally built hotel homes have been chosen to immerse you in the traditions, cultures, and tranquility of Morocco. With views of the surrounding mountains, city energy, and nature, you will leave these places ready to explore the magnificent desert.

Nested in the dunes of the Sahara is where we will spend our desert days with enchanting Auberges in the midst of the sand and mountains, exquisite foods, and tranquil spaces, after these experiences, we are certain you won't want to leave! 

These retreat selections are all about immersing into the culture and history of Morocco, while taking in the peace and tranquility of the zen spaces.

Yoga + Om

Find your connection 

We will honor the sun daily in our open air yoga spaces, amidst the dunes, cities, and mountains within a safe and supportive community.

This will be a 75 minute class fusing different types of yoga from Bhakti, Kriya, therapy, hatha and more to inspire a deeper connection within and also to help us process what is in our hearts (grief, trauma, and trans informed). This practice is designed to ground and center you, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Two days will be focused on digitally detoxing, and silence. 


We will also be guiding sunset mindfulness meditations + yoga nidra three evenings of the retreat. These sessions are designed to ground and connect while preparing you for the auspicious process of rest. 


Our food

Make your body happy 

Food is such a big part of the overall experience and culture during an adventure like this. 


Our food will be fully local, colorful, nutritious and all cooked with lovely middle eastern spices from the wonderful staff at our retreat homes. Vegan and vegetarian options will be prioritized, however due to the rawness of this adventure, some places will be limited in this offering.

Expect lots of fruits and vegetables, along with an assortment of pastries and nuts available throughout the day, in addition to traditional coffee and teas.

Excursions + Community

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in adventure and in service to others

The Sahara desert is known for it's peaceful nature, its nomadic tribes and its breathtaking views. During the retreat we will take excursions into the Atlas Mountains and into the Sahara Desert. We will visit local markets, learn about the traditions and cultures, as well as visit nomadic tribes, a mountain village school and give back to their communities in a special way! Our retreats always include a bit of Seva, or selfless service (volunteer work) as a way to give back to the country and communities that host us. 



Relax & Unwind

Secluded in sand paradise, you will wake up to the spectacular scenery from the lesser camp overlooking the desert. In the city, the bedrooms are traditional, yet spacious with a contemporary design, queen size bed (double occupancy) or two twin beds in a shared room for two (single occupancy). While trekking in the mountains, our stay will be humble, safe, and cozy. 

Reg and FAQ Morocco

this experience starts at $2195usd per person 

Use the link below to reserve your spot / pay remainder of retreat

Frequently Asked Questions

What about COVID-19 and how does this effect the retreat? 

We will be following the CDC and NIH guidelines on travel and tourism. Our recommendation is to book a flexible ticket (make sure of this with your airline, as Heart-ga Yoga & Essentials In. is not responsible for any losses due to ticket/transportation due to airline/scheduling negligence). Every participant is expected to be fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus before entering Morocco. Since we run the risk of catching/spreading COVID-19 in airports and public spaces, we will follow these guidelines throughout the retreat and wherever possible. 

What airport do I fly into?

The retreat begins in Marrakesh and ends in Marrakesh. There are several flight options for you. You could book your international ticket into and out of Marrakesh (airport code: RAK). Throughout the retreat we will be spending 2 days in the mountains (trekking), 4 days in the desert, and 2 days in the city. 

Is in-land transportation included in the price of my trip?

All in-land transportation for retreat is included in the price of your package once the retreat begins at meeting location (to be sent in your welcome package) and ends. *Two collective airport pick-up/drop-off will be included dependent on most common arrival/departure times for group. 

What should I pack?

We recommend, easy on/off comfortable sandals, light, breezy clothing, long sleeves as it gets pretty hot and sunny during the day (86-95F/30-35C). It also gets chilly at night- a set of warm clothes is suggested. A bathing suite to enjoy the gorgeous pools in the riads. Your own mosquito repellent is a must. Exchange cash at the airports. A working phone would be good, we can also help you get an international SIM card. Any medication you are taking at the moment. *this is a completely alcohol/drug free event. **leave room for souvenirs :) - suggested packing list will be sent with itinerary. 

What will the Yoga be like, what if I am a beginner or advanced? 

This retreat is for all level practitioners whether you're a beginner or have a steady practice. In addition to the physical poses, we will dive into the spiritual and meditative aspects of yoga, creating a foundation for a life style of balance and peace. Modifications and advanced cues will be available for each practice allowing everyone to follow along at their own pace. 

What are the accommodations like?

All our riads or hotels are in vibrant cities or nested in the desert with spacious rooms, queen or twin beds and private bathrooms. Rooms in the hotels have AC and heaters for time of rest. In the mountains, we will be staying in a humble guest house for a tour local experience. They have all been visited by one of our team members and have been selected for cleanliness, safety and hospitality.   

Are gratuities included?

Gratuities are not included in the price of your trip. If you receive exceptional service by staff, housekeeping, guides, or other employees helping you throughout your stay then an additional tip is always appreciated. We suggest a budget of around $5-$10/day per guest.

How many people are expected on this retreat?

Attendance varies from trip to trip, but 9-12 attendees is normal.


What is the cancellation policy for this trip?

All retreats include a $150 refundable /transferable deposit, which is required to hold your spot on the trip. If you cancel prior to 90 days before the retreat we will refund 100% of your payment + your refundable deposit. All payments are non-refundable & non-transferable after the 90 day pre-retreat deadline.

Do I need a Visa to visit Morocco?

In most cases, if you are from a large list of countries, and staying for less than 90 days no visa is needed. For more information please visit this link Consulate General of The Kingdom of Morocco.


IMPORTANT: If your passport expires within six months of your arrival date to Morocco or doesn't have a blank page to stamp, please be sure to renew your passport before you go to avoid any issues at immigration. There are no exceptions.

Do I need vaccinations?

Apart from the COVID-19 Vaccine which is recommended to all attendees, there are no required vaccinations for travel to Morocco. However, there are some recommended (suggested) vaccinations given by the CDC. To see the complete list of what is recommended please visit the CDC Website and consult with your primary care physician to make a decision on what is best for you. 

Are meals included?

Yes, all ​retreat meals are included during this retreat. This includes 3 meals a day + juices, tea, and water. However, participants are responsible for purchases outside the group; this includes all meals away from the retreat spaces or not included in itinerary. 

What if I am traveling alone?

We get many travelers on each retreat who come alone. If you are traveling without a friend or partner, but prefer to share your room, we will do our best to match you with another traveler of the same gender. If for some reason, we are not able to match you with a roommate we will let you know and try to create the most comfortable space for you. 


If you prefer to have your own private room as a single person, a single supplement may apply. Please express your needs when filling out the booking form.  


Do I need travel insurance?

Sometimes bad things happen to good travel plans. The purchase of travel insurance is strongly recommended to ensure you are covered should any unexpected event arise. A personal, political, environmental, weather-related incident or pre-existing medical condition may prevent or interrupt your travels.  These events are rare but do occur and underscore the importance of being covered by travel insurance.  Should you elect to not purchase travel insurance, you will be assuming 100% of any costs incurred for trip cancellation or trip interruption. TravelEx and World Nomads are two reputable organizations. There is a broad spectrum of policies and options so make sure you are clear on what exactly is covered.

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