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Hi! I'm Pita!

Finding the practice of yoga as a teenager was my gateway into the world of mindfulness, connection, and healing. Throughout the years I have traveled the world to learn from gurus and teachers. It is through the science of yoga and mindfulness that I have learned the importance of creating a soulful, loving, and compassionate relationship with myself, one that has overflown into all aspects of my life. 

We each have our own way, our own lessons, our own journeys, but how beautiful it is to navigate that path with the support of one another. I created yoga from the heart to guide you on a similar path, not on my path, but on one into your own heart. I have taken the tools handed down to me and combine them with the ones I have crafted on my own to show you the way.


Let’s explore a path of the heart, through the heart, to the heart.

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