Are you as joyful and healthy as you wish to be? Do you find yourself feeling anxious, stuck, or unmotivated? Being human doesn't come with a coping manual, yet things happen that can create feelings of doubt and insecurity within us. It's okay to ask for support! 

The "Bloom" life coaching program is a 8-12 week program customized just for you. I don’t know all the answers, but I do know they’re inside of you. My job is to help you find them and give you the tools necessary to allow yourself to bloom


"Bloom" Life Coaching - from the heart


A bit about me.

Hello, I am Pita! 

Finding the practice of yoga as a teenager was my gateway into the world of mindfulness, connection, and healing. Since then, I have taken the tools passed down to me along the way and explored intuitive ways to live, heal, and process trauma through ancient yogic practices, self and ancestral study, and altruism. I have continued to remain a curious student of the human experience, am actively pursuing a graduate degree in psychology, have learned and taught yoga & meditation around the world, curate and lead immersive yoga retreats, and practice selfless giving (sēva) on every opportunity I can. 


This coaching program is my most recent creation. By fusing ancient yoga wisdom and modern evidence-based psychology interventions, we will dive deep into the true medicine needed to transform darkness into light. We will explore practices, rituals, and techniques to create a deeper and more meaningful relationship with your present, your past, your future, and eventually your life as whole, easing into a full bloom journey! Welcome to BLOOM! 🌷


About Bloom.

The goal of the Bloom program is to help you become aware of your intention, inspire you to pursue your goals, and inspire you to trust your own inner guidance. 


Offerings include a variety of evidence-based tools to explore and help you along the way such as yoga, meditation, psychology therapies and more. Together we create an accessible and sequential plan thats easy for you and even your loved ones. 


What to expect:

  • Pre-coaching Consultation

  • 2 meetings/connections per week 

  • Customized program 

  • Judgment-free support

  • Science-backed therapy guidance 

  • Confidentiality 

  • + more!

Ready to Bloom?
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