Retreats that connect

Our retreats are designed to be a total yoga immersion, enabling your connection with yourself, others and the environment. Everything we do, from where we stay, our excursions, and even what we eat, is carefully handpicked to provide you the most authentic and revitalizing experience that a retreat can offer.

We design them centered around:

• community

• health + yoga

• culture

• seva + sustainablity


What people say

This was my second retreat, like many of the other people who attended, which was a testament to Heart-ga’s excellence at fostering a community through yoga. Both felt very different, yet they were each special in their own way. It is structured to maintain the perfect balance of learning yoga philosophy while also experiencing the incredible culture of Bali. Highly recommend!

- Amanada Jane Cooper

Bali Bliss 2017

Upcoming Retreats

  • Moroccan Sunsets


    Unplug and re-connect with your soul on this 8 day retreat where yoga meets the desert. We are so excited about this new addition to our retreat offerings and cannot wait to share this experience with you. 



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