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Seva + Sustainability

Seva is the act of self-less service

We believe that sharing of yoga is a service to humanity. Everyone is yearning for some kind of connection, some form of happiness, and ultimately peace. We believe that through yoga, we can transform and also raise awareness of the oneness we all share in our world.

Heart-ga is proud to have donated 1000+ hours of donation based yoga sessions in addition to 15% of the proceeds going to local non-profits. We have traveled the world to share our message in Africa, Europe, Asia, and Latin America and we partner with organizations such as She Has Hope & Omie Nights to make sure our funds are going to real people in impoverished communities to make a difference. During each of our retreats we have at least one volunteering mission to give back to the local communities that host us and allow our participants to experience a connection to the country and its people by making a difference.

Who we work with
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