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Partner | Retreat Coordinator

Hi everyone, I am Catherine, a native Colombian with an aspiration for travel, adventure and natural healing. Being from Colombia, where nature thrives, it's embedded in your brain to go out and wonder. During my childhood I would spend days in the mountains with my mother and aunts who would show me ways to heal using plants we would find along the way. Since fruits, herbs and plants grow everywhere it makes natural healing and spirituality a staple for the people in my country. This curiosity has taught me to “make things happen” and by make- I mean "hand" make. 


I try to use any opportunity I can to discover more of the world, what it naturally gives us and more of myself. I am happy to have met Lupita and Stefanie years ago during University and am excited to join the Heart-ga team. I am currently being trained to assist in our aromatherapy workshops and yoga on retreats. The Heart-ga philosophy has always inspired me to follow my heart and I only wish to inspire you to follow yours.



Co-Founder | Consultant 

Namaste, I am Pita. Finding the practice of yoga as a teenager was my gateway into the world of mindfulness, connection, and healing. Throughout the years I have held and succeeded in the corporate world as much as I have in the wellness world. I have been devoted to travel learn from gurus and teachers and learn the importance of creating and maintaining a soulful, loving, and compassionate relationship with ourselves, our experiences, and our lives. By having parallel experiences in corporate work as well as science-rooted practices in wellbeing, I am able to help guide those who live in either or both, seek, attain, and maintain balance. 


Lupita has trained under yoga masters, has donated over 3,500 yoga mindfulness community hours, leads wellness retreats around the world, and is pursuing a graduate degree in Psychology with a focus on the psychology of trauma and human behavior. 




Bhakti Yoga Certification

 Bhakti Yoga Shala

Los Angeles, California 


Traditional HATHA Yoga & Mindfulness

Shiva Shakti Yoga School



Trauma-informed Yoga Certification, The Art of Yoga Project

San Francisco, California


Tans-informed Yoga Certification



Chantel Bournin.jpg


Yoga Teacher

Hello beautiful souls!!

My name is Chantel and I have been practicing Yoga Asana for as long as I can remember, my grandmother showed me that these intentional movements were the key to longevity and balance in life. As life went on I found I could use Yoga to transition gracefully through the many stages and struggles life often presents and I knew I needed to share this life tool, this gift! I started my journey to become a yoga teacher in 2017, a long the way I found my true inner self that had been wanting to emerge, I studied Human growth and development as well as kinesiology. A few years ago I started a career as an Ergonomist, assisting everyday tech workers on alignment,  yoga in their workspaces and assisting them with awareness of their own bodies.  

I am elated to join such a loving and beautiful team like Heart-Ga!



Certified Ergonomist 

Founder of OMie nights

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